A Multidisciplinary Site-specific Theatrical Production

A boy used to walk on the grass barefooted 
After rain, the grass was wet and soft 
It’d feel like stepping on clouds 
The grass was lush and warm when the sun was up, 
It’d tickle his toes and his soul  
Now the boy wears shoes 
Now he could only feel the rubber of his soles 
He has long forgotten how the grass had felt like underneath his feet  

Poet, dancer, visual artist, actress, puppeteer, set/installation, lighting and sound designers come together to create a multidisciplinary theatrical production as they lead audiences on a pilgrimage to rediscover their collective lost memories.


Ong Kian Sin (Concept)
Lim Chin Huat (Movement)
Lim Woan Wen (Lights Installation)
Darren Ng (Sound Art)
Koh Leng Leng (Construction)
Jo Kwek (Voice)
Tan Wan Sze (Manipulation)
Doreen Toh (Mask)
Lee Yeong Wen (Movement)
Lim Wei Ling (Installation)
Cecilia Chow (Archives)


The Straits Times Life Theatre Awards 2008

Best Sound Design – Darren Ng

Best Set Design – Lim Wei Ling