The Company

The Finger Players is one of Singapore’s leading theatre companies, best known for inventively fusing puppetry elements into its visually-arresting productions, and its strong advocacy of puppetry.

Founded in 1999, The Finger Players strives to be a centre of research and development for the creation and performance of puppetry in Singapore.

In 2019, The Finger Players became the first arts collective in Singapore to operate on a rotating artistic director model, with each Artistic Director helming the fort for a stipulated tenure.

The company currently operates four branches:

(1) Main Season

  • Through constant invention and innovation, and the fusion of traditional and contemporary puppetry forms, our main season aspires to be the maverick in employing puppetry through our edgy and original theatre offerings.

(2) International Season

Promoting Singapore’s brand of Puppetry internationally, the company is one of Singapore’s most prolific international touring companies, and has actively been touring its productions since 2000.

(3) Outreach Season

Puppetry gives voice to the silenced, and is a medium to connect and engage. The company reaches out to an average of 25,000 students and members of the public annually, through puppetry performances and workshops with schools, communities and institutions.

(4) Capability Building

Through creating meaningful programmes that respond to the needs of the industry, we commit to make our processes and our art better, by empowering everyone we work with.


To be recognised internationally as a center for the research and development of puppetry.


The Finger Players is a group of artists and managers who have a vested interest in extending the philosophy of puppetry in theatre-making, through the following objectives: 

  • Adopting an interdisciplinary approach 
  • Advocating for puppetry in all communities
  • Research and developing the possibilities through which puppetry can be created and performed


(1) Artistic Rigour

  • Artistic Rigour to us, is excellence and humility. We strive to create work of exceptional quality, while prioritising innovation, learning, and the advocacy of puppetry. Every aspect of our work will be grounded in research and the power to uplift and expand imagination.

(2) Openness

  • We will always champion a culture of openness. Our ideas, hopes, and dreams will always hold possibility for ourselves, and for others, and our spirit will always be inviting and giving.

(3) A Supportive Community

  • We believe in creating a supportive and respectful community in all the work that we do. We endeavour to always be transparent and sincere in all exchanges with all our partners, and to empower them in every way we can.

Philosophy of Puppetry

Every object has a life, and it is our commitment as a puppetry company to hold unwavering belief in the inanimate. Through sharing our belief with others, we unlock worlds and possibilities, extending and expanding imagination for stories to come alive. 

The Finger Players is a non-profit organisation with Institution of Public Character (IPC) status, a recipient of the National Arts Council’s Major Grant for the period from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2026.

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