Not In My Lifetime?

Not In My Lifetime? explores the special education system in Singapore and people in it. The play, based on the experiences of playwright Alvan Yap, is supported by multi-talented performers Inch Chua, Evelyn Chye, Myra Loke, Timothy Nga, Nix Sang and Nur Shafiza (Shai).

Two special education teachers navigate the ups and downs of school life and examine the challenges they face in their interactions with authorities, parents and the students themselves. This inclusive theatre performance shines a harsh but much-needed spotlight on the field of special education, one which is usually overlooked or obscured by platitudes. It also examines what makes special education teachers stay on… or move on.


Director: Tan Beng Tian
Playwright: Alvan Yap
Dramaturg: Faith Ng
Production Designer: Lim Chin Huat
Lighting Designer: Woo E-hui
Puppetry Designer & Maker: Ong Kian Sin
Sound Artist: Daniel Bawthan
Cast: Inch Chua, Evelyn Chye, Myra Loke, Timothy Nga, Nix Sang, Nur Shafiza (Shai)