I’m Just A Piano Teacher

He is a piano teacher. But he hates music. He lives with his family. But he craves for independence. He wants to be loved. But he fears rejection. He only wants to be a better person. But he lacks the drive and determination. This is a story about a loser in a loser family caught in a tangle between love and duty.


Director/Playwright/Set Designer: Oliver Chong
Starring: Tan Beng Tian, Judy Ngo, Jo Kwek, Koh Leng Leng
Production Stage Manager: Ang Hui Bin
Puppet Designers/ Conceptualists: Oliver Chong, Rene Ong and Tan Beng Tian
Lighting Designer: Lim Woan Wen
Sound Designer/ Musician: Darren Ng
Surtitle Operator: Fazli Bin Ahmad
Publicity Photographer: Tucky’s Photography
Publicity Designer: MAKE


The Straits Times Life Theatre Awards 2007

Best Ensemble