I’m Just A Piano Teacher

A literary hermit with unfulfilled ambitions is abused by a corrupt official.

A shady foreign lady seeks to rent a room to run an equally shady massage parlor.

A middle-aged widower hires an alluring tutor to help his dim-witted son, who has yet to graduate after more than 20 years.

In a house with an expired lease, 
A profanity-spewing dog
And a racy fox spirit idol 
Bear witness to all that transpires

Man or ghost? Fox or demon?
Was it all real or false? Truth or illusion?

Inspired by Liaozhai, Citizen Dog is an absurd tale of desires in their nightmarish glory, a surreal dreamscape that reflects real world problems. With their critically acclaimed creation Citizen Pig (2013), the creative duo, Oliver Chong and Liu Xiaoyi, returns with an all-new Citizen Dog. Directed by Oliver Chong, and starring Li Xie, Liu Xiaoyi, Alvin Chiam and Jo Kwek, Citizen Dog infuses an urban twist into the classic Liaozhai, which will make your heart ache even as it soars, and lift even as it sinks.  


Director/Playwright/Set Designer: Oliver Chong
Starring: Tan Beng Tian, Judy Ngo, Jo Kwek, Koh Leng Leng
Production Stage Manager: Ang Hui Bin
Puppet Designers/ Conceptualists: Oliver Chong, Rene Ong and Tan Beng Tian
Lighting Designer: Lim Woan Wen
Sound Designer/ Musician: Darren Ng
Surtitle Operator: Fazli Bin Ahmad
Publicity Photographer: Tucky’s Photography
Publicity Designer: MAKE