Enchanted Tales

Enchanted Tales is a fantasy set in our world, in the here and now. The imagination of man has been dimmed by their cynical beliefs; our minds have been programmed not to see fairies, elves, trolls or tree folk. But if one would open its door of imagination, a world that is just beyond our belief would reveal itself and take us on a mystical journey of songs and laughter.

Acclaimed actor Lim Kay Siu leads a group of actors and puppets in this fantastical production filled with visual treats and original music compositions.


Director/Playwright: Tan Beng Tian
Starring: Lim Kay Siu, Koh Wan Ching, Ong Kian Sin, Oliver Chong, Ang Hui Bin
Composer: Lim Kay Siu
Lighting Designer: Lim Woan Wen