Turn By Turn We Turn audio theatre

Turn By Turn We Turn audio theatre

The Finger Players presents Turn By Turn We Turn audio theatre, a riveting auditory experience of our award-winning production.

Turn By Turn We Turn is a sweeping epic about the lives and fates of the members in a traditional Chinese hand puppetry troupe from 1920s China to present day. Holding steadfastly to their craft, traditions, beliefs, and one another in the face of civil and world wars, political strife, changing times and tastes, the puppeteers survive one ordeal after another, testing their mantle and resolve to perform.

First staged in 2011 and subsequently restaged in 2014, Turn By Turn We Turn charts the riveting tale of master puppeteer, Bo Yuan, a character inspired by the real-life Master Li Bofen, the fourth generation master of the Jinjiang “Jin Yong Cheng” Puppetry Troupe.

Written and directed by Chong Tze Chien, with sound direction, original music and sound design by Darren Ng, this audio theatre performance features a stellar cast of Singapore Chinese language theatre actors.

(We recommend you put on a good pair of headphones for an immersive listening experience.)


Director and Playwright 编导
Chong Tze Chien 张子健

Sound Designer; Music Composer; Music Arranger; Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer
音艺设计, 原创音乐作曲, 音乐编曲, 录音,混音以及母带处理
Darren Ng 黄泽晖

Voice Actors 声音演出
Alvin Chiam 詹辉振
Ellison Tan 陈宇泱
Goh Guat Kian 吴悦娟
Ian Loy 黎振炎
Leanne Ong Teck Liang 王德亮
Myra Loke 骆丽诗
Ong Kian Sin 王健松
Tan Beng Tian 陈鸣阗

Special Appearance 友情客串
Tan Wan Sze 陈宛诗

Digital Resource 网络资源
Shawn Chua 蔡铭仁

Supported by
National Arts Council



This Digital Resource is a repository that accompanies the Turn By Turn We Turn audio theatre, holding together the stories of traditional Chinese hand puppetry and how it has touched the different artists in The Finger Players.