by fingerplayers


The Astronaut finds comfort in Space, where gravitational forces are not felt. In Space, he can somersault, do cartwheels, watch bananas dance, and more!

But a cosmic accident lands the Astronaut back on Earth, and gravitational forces kick in immediately. All of a sudden, the Astronaut feels as though he’s thrown off balance, as though his head and limbs do not belong to him. 

An encounter with a mysterious shadow guides him on a journey of self-discovery – that our body is where it should be, that the ground would always have our back, and that if at first when you don’t succeed, to try and try again.

Combining puppetry, movement, and interactive elements interwoven with a cosmic soundscape, “Gravity” will transport you to Earth, Space and beyond. 

This is…

A non-verbal performance where the audience get to sit around the performance space and watch as the storytelling unfolds visually. Sensory items and performance props/puppets will also be planted at the peripheral spaces for the audience to interact with, should any of the audience feel the desire to tune out temporarily.

Suitable for…

Children of all ages, with various special needs.

*Note: This performance is created for children with various special needs in mind, and will feature a higher performer-to-audience ration, to ensure that audiences get sufficient time and space for close-up interaction with the puppets featured in the show. If you are uncertain about whether this performance is suitable for your child’s viewing, please write to us (!

Through this, we hope to…

  • To introduce and explore the concept of gravity and STEM through an immersive puppetry performance. 
  • To lessen the fear and self-blame on falling in children of any need(s) by: 
    • offering strategies pertaining to sensory processing difficulty / proprioceptive dysfunction; and
    • scaffolding the engagement of the balance disc, a frequent tool used in special needs education
  • To explore the state of disequilibrium as being manageable


Visit our FAQ for more information on the show, post-show programme and sensory kit. If you have further queries, you can always email us at

To view a sample of the instruction booklet provided in the sensory kit, please download here.