The Maker’s Project

The Finger Players presents The Maker’s Project, a multi-part presentation to round off our inaugural The Maker’s Lab, a nine-month long process that aims to nurture and grow builders and designers of puppets and objects.

In this festival, makers take centre stage! Examining Puppetry and Flexibility, we reframe the way our puppets are built, presented and performed.

The Maker’s Project 2021 comprises of the following events:

Performance: Little Mournings

4 – 7 March, 2021
Weekdays 8pm
Saturday 8pm

Sunday 3pm

Venue: NAFA Campus 3 Studio Theatre

Price*: $35, 25 (Concession)
*Excludes Sistic booking fee.

A new day, a new light.

A maker goes about fixing theatre objects meant for forever archival, every object a glint of his self and of time. Life finds its way through his hands into these objects and back into him again, and little mournings come on like waves gentle, subdued, but never crushing. His time in the workshop is marked by the sounds of drills starting up, of sandpaper smoothening rough edges, of mallet against surfaces, of bird calls outside the window, of wind, of rain.

As he counts down to the last of the objects, the maker wonders – if what he’s doing is easing the way for dead things to come back to life, or if he never had a part to play.

This performance is created in response to the puppet developed by Sim Xin Feng, during The Maker’s Lab 2020 cycle.


The Maker’s Forum: Technology in Puppetry

6 March 2021
4.30pm – 6pm

Venue: NAFA Campus 3 Studio Theatre

Price: Pay-As-You-Wish

How has technology been incorporated into the design and build of puppets? What are its complexities and potential, and its accompanying creative clashes? In this edition of The Maker’s Forum, the flexibility in using technology in puppet design and build is at the forefront of the discussion.

Come hear from Singapore-based puppet designers and builders who have created works for theatre, entertainment and diverse research projects!

Panelist line-up will be revealed closer to the event. Watch this space!

Moderator: Myra Loke (Co-Artistic Director, The Finger Players)


The Maker’s Assembly: Conversations

6 March 2021
1pm – 3pm

Venue: NAFA Campus 3 Studio Theatre

In keeping with Covid-19 regulations, this is a closed-door event, and is by invite only.

The Maker’s Assembly: Conversations invites local makers to gather and exchange ideas, motivations and resources. In this iteration, we centre our conversations around the climate of making in Singapore. Examining our common challenges, we hope to consolidate strategies towards creating a more conducive environment for makers.

The findings from our conversations will be consolidated at the end of the session and published on The Finger Players’ website as a resource for the local maker community.


The Maker’s Workshop: Building a puppet eye mechanism

13 – 14 March 2021
10am – 6pm

Venue: The Finger Players Workshop

Price: $100

The eyes are the window to the soul – as cliché as it seems, the eyes of a puppet are often said to be the most important part of a puppet and can be a tricky matter for a puppet designer and maker.

In this workshop, learn how to increase the expressivity of your puppet’s eyes through the use of simple animatronics techniques using Arduino. In our two-day workshop, participants will be guided through the process of building the mechanism structure, the basics of Arduino electronics and joystick programming.

This workshop is led by Sim Xin Feng, the Maker of The Maker’s Lab 2020 cycle, assisted by Daniel Sim, Programme Manager of The Maker’s Lab and a member of the core team of The Finger Players.

How to apply:

Head here for more details and instructions on how to apply!


4 – 14 March 2021


NAFA Campus 3 Studio Theatre
The Finger Players Workshop