Arts in Your Neighbourhood – The Puppeteer Prepares

The Puppeteer Prepares – The Film

One year on, how have Singaporeans been coping with the pandemic?

Enter into the world of a puppeteer, with a behind-the-scenes look at the ways in which artists and makers have been coping during the past year. Pulling together narratives of strength and resilience from the community, watch stories of individuals trying to bridge the gaps between one another, and of a family finding new ways to stay together, all brought to life through the age-old art of puppetry.

Watch The Puppeteer Prepares short film:
@NACSingapore on Facebook
20 March (Saturday)
10am – 10:45am

The Puppeteer Prepares – The Exhibition:

Take a walk through the puppet gallery and find out how a puppet develops from sketches on paper to a live object in the puppeteer’s hands. The gallery also documents the larger evolution of puppetry throughout time, including information about its history, origins, and range.

Attend the Exhibition:
Pasir Ris Public Library
20 – 28 March 2021
11am – 9pm


Film: 20 March 2021
Exhibition: 20 – 28 March 2021


Film: @NACSingapore FB Page
Exhibition: Pasir Ris Library