OIWA – The Ghost of Yotsuya (Postponed)

With an innovative ensemble of puppeteers and actors, this age-old Japanese ghost story of betrayal and revenge is magically reinvented by Singapore’s The Finger Players.

Based on blood-tingling real-life events and historical figures from the Edo period, the tale of Oiwa – a jilted wife who haunts her murderer – continues to reverberate through its countless adaptations.

Now, one of Singapore’s leading theatre companies The Finger Players retells this timeless tale through an innovative ensemble of puppeteers and actors.

Actors simulate the movements of puppets, while shadowy puppeteers manipulate these human puppets, with techniques inspired from Japanese Bunraku – a traditional form of Japanese puppet theatre.

Witness the scorned and powerful figure of Oiwa and the fearsome scavengers and peasants who commit horrific deeds around her, in this riveting tale of revenge, betrayal and heartbreak.

A legend with a contemporary resonance, Oiwa– The Ghost of Yotsuya promises an enthralling performance with hauntingly beautiful moments that unfold one after another.

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In the meantime, check out the three videos below for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the production. Watch “The World of OIWA” to learn more about the legendary figure Lady Oiwa, followed by “The Creatives of OIWA”, where the designers take you through their creative process and challenges faced in bringing this haunting tale to life, and finally “OIWA – Rites, Rituals and Rumours”, which explores the ritual the creative team underwent at the Lady Oiwa’s shrine in Japan, as part of their production preparation process.