The Maker’s Workshop: Building a puppet eye mechanism

“The eyes are the window to the soul” – as cliché as it seems, the eyes of a puppet are often said to be the most important part of a puppet and can be a tricky matter for a puppet designer and maker.  

In this workshop, learn how to increase the expressivity of your puppet’s eyes through the use of simple animatronics techniques using Arduino. In our two-day workshop, participants will be guided through the process of building the mechanism structure, the basics of Arduino electronics and joystick programming. 

This workshop is led by Sim Xin Feng, the Maker of The Maker’s Lab 2020 cycle, assisted by Daniel Sim, Programme Manager of The Maker’s Lab and a member of the core team of The Finger Players.  


  • Participants must have an aptitude for making  
  • Programming knowledge is not necessary.  

Structure of workshop: 

Day 1: Introduction, construction of structure and preparation of parts 

  • Introduction of The Finger Players’ workshop and eye mechanisms 
  • Construction of plywood structure, eye balls, eye ball joints 
  • Preparation of wiring and parts for assembly 

Day 2: Assembly, Electronics and Programming 

  • Assembly of eye mechanism 
  • Introduction of Arduino electronics (relevant to the mechanism) and software 
  • Assembly of electronics 
  • Programming and tuning of the eye mechanism 

Workshop package: 

As part of the workshop, you will receive your own set of materials to build the eye mechanism:

  • 01 x Arduino Nano  
  • 04 x Servo Motors  
  • Batteries  
  • Battery Holders  
  • Jumper Cables  
  • 01 x Joystick 
  • 01 x Bread Board

Participants will have to bring their own personal laptops with Arduino IDE 1.8.13 installed ( The laptop must have a USB-A port.

You are encouraged to bring your own tools and stationery. Otherwise, general tools are provided during the workshop and will be regularly sanitized. 

How to apply:

Please write in to with the header “The Maker’s Workshop – Application_Your Name”, with a short description of:

1) Your experience and interest in the field
2) Your reason for joining the class


13 – 14 March 2021
10am – 6pm  


The Finger Players Workshop