Scam On You

by fingerplayers

Scam On You is a community performance about elderly scams. As the number of cases of elderly scams are rising, it is essential to raise awareness on preventive and coping measures that places the victim in a place of care.

This show is created for elderly folk who have access to their own mobile devices. 


Elderly scams are on the rise, and shame is in abundance.

An elderly couple navigates technology together at a digital confidence workshop. There are too many buttons on the home screen, too many apps to download, and too many associations to remember. They struggle to adapt what they have learnt in real life, but life gets in the way. Through the device in their hands, they navigate love, grief and multiple scams.

Presented by The Finger Players and supported by the Qualcomm Foundation, SCAM ON YOU is a performance about elderly scams – a gentle reminder that when scams and shame come a knocking – the phone need not be a device of chaos, peril or fear; but a reminder of love, joy and connections.


2-10 September 2022


Various Senior Activity Centres


Director: Tan Beng Tian
Playwright: Ellison Tan
Costume Designer: Glenna Ng
Prop Master: Daniel Sim
Sound Designer & Musician: Bennett Bay
Set Designer: Tai Zi Feng
Performers / Puppeteers: Hairi Cromo, Hang Qian Chou, and Rachel Nip
Production Manager: Celestine Wong
Stage Manager: Ruth Au
Post-Show Facilitator: Ace Chew, Liew Jia Yi, and Farez Najid

This programme is created with the support of:

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