Public health advisory for ‘Citizen X’

by fingerplayers

In view of the situation regarding the 2019 Novel Coronavirus and the raising of the risk assessment in Singapore to DORSCON Orange, The Finger Players would like to assure everyone that the well-being of our audiences, cast, crew and colleagues is of utmost importance to us.

At this point in time, our production of ‘Citizen X’ will proceed as scheduled (26 – 29 March 2020). We will be taking all necessary precautions in accordance with the official guidelines. These include:

– All staff members (including cast and crew) will be screened at least twice daily for symptoms. Individuals exhibiting symptoms such as fever, cough and runny nose will be asked to visit a doctor promptly.

– All ticket-holders will be screened before entering the venue (We will update all ticket holders about the screening procedure, and a recommended time for entry)

– We will be working with the venue management of Drama Centre to ensure that essential touch-points such as lift buttons, escalator handrails, door handles, theatre chairs etc. will be sanitized frequently.

We can be reached at should you have any concerns or questions.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of The Finger Players.




– 所有十指帮员工以及相关演出的工作人员将进行一天两次的体温检测。若有发烧或呼吸道感染的症状(例如咳嗽,流鼻涕),我们将确保他立即就医。

– 所有持票的观众们都必须在入场前通过体温检测。详细的检测程序和入场时间,我们会在迟些时候通知大家。

– 我们也会和戏剧中心剧院保持紧密的联系,确保场地的多个触碰点都经过定时的消毒与清洁。