Appointment of New Co-Artistic Directors, Ellison Tan and Myra Loke

by fingerplayers

In November last year, we spoke about a succession plan –one where we explored the possibility of dropping all conventional labels, convening a core team of artists, creatives and managers. There were multiple reasons behind this decision:

 1) We want to create a more sustainable model of art making

2) We want to refresh our collective exploration and understanding of puppetry 

 3) We want to create a company that can last beyond its founding artists.

However, after countless meetings and discussions, we felt that it was still essential to have someone holding the creative fort, whilst ensuring that the vision and mission of TFP is protected. We eventually decided on a rotating Artistic Director Model. This model would allow each AD to have an opportunity to deepen their perspective and language of art making, with puppetry being the core philosophy.

Each AD will hold a term of three financial years, unless otherwise requested/approved by the TFP ensemble. The AD will be responsible for the general creative direction of the company during his/her term, and he/she will be greatly supported by the core members of TFP. 

This year, along with our 20th Anniversary, we are very proud and very excited to announce that Myra Loke and Ellison Tan will be stepping up as Co-Artistic Directors of The Finger Players.