suitCASES To truly love a land, one must first unearth the beauty buried in its sorrows.  On a strange and yet familiar city-island, a group of travellers drift about, but are ever-so ready to fulfil their obligations in life. They breathe but they can’t fill the void within. A howl is heard from afar, sensualContinue reading “suitCASES”

Poop! (2010)

Poop! (2010) Poop chronicles the aftermath of a suicide: A GRANDMOTHER bargains with divine powers to release her SON’S soul from hell. Failing which, she brings him home; she takes over the reins of bringing up her GRANDDAUGHTER, while keeping her DAUGHTER-IN-LAW at bay, saving the GRANDDAUGHTER all for herself   She tries to instillContinue reading “Poop! (2010)”