To truly love a land, one must first unearth the beauty buried in its sorrows. 

On a strange and yet familiar city-island, a group of travellers drift about, but are ever-so ready to fulfil their obligations in life. They breathe but they can’t fill the void within. A howl is heard from afar, sensual and primitive. The travellers embark on a journey in search of this calling. 

suitCASES is a multidisciplinary performance which attempts to unravel the secrets of our lands. Expect surprises. 


Producer: The Finger Players 
Performance Coordination: Tan Beng Tian, Choo Min Min
Direction: Ong Kian Sin
Performance Creation: Doreen Toh, Tan Wan Sze, Ang Hui Bin,Koh Leng Leng
Space: Lim Wei Ling 
Light: Lim Woan Wen
Sound Art: Darren Ng 
Print: Cecilia Chow
Object Installation: Tan Beng Tian, Ang Hui Bin, Ong Kian Sin, Tan Wan Sze 
Set Coordination: Choo Min Min
Sound Art Coordination: Ng Jing 
Internship: Siti Naqiah Bte Anuwar, Nurbaizurah Bente Shari, Ahmad Rifa’ ie Bin Amrun