The Fellowship Programme


The Fellowship Programme is a year-long leadership development programme for mid-career theatre practitioners, who may or may not have engaged with puppetry previously, but have a keen interest in deepening their understanding about the craft of puppetry.

The Fellows will be given a wholistic, hands-on experiences within the annual programming of The Finger Players (TFP). They will be paid a project fee through various shadowing, facilitating, and assisting opportunities:

  • To attend TFP Masterclasses

  • To shadow a TFP Main Season production

  • To assist in a TFP Community Production

  • To assist in various puppetry-related workshop

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To be eligible for consideration, applicants must:

  1. Have at least 5 years of experience in the theatre industry
  2. Be a Singaporean Citizen/PR
  3. Have a strong desire to work in their selected field
  4. Carefully read through the instructions and submit a thoughtfully completed application


14 January 2020 – 7 February 2020: Call for Applicants

14 February 2020  – 29 February 2020: Interview and Auditions

1 March 2020 – 7 March 2020: Deliberation

8 March 2020 – 10 March 2020: Successful applicant(s) will be notified

1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021: Fellowship Window #1


Applications has closed for this year. Please join our mailing list to be updated for next year’s application.


March 2020: Meeting with Co-Artistic Directors to chart Fellowship Journey and organize schedules

April 2020: Start of Fellowship journey

September 2020: Progress-charting meeting with Co-Artistic Director(s)

February 2021: Reflection meeting with Co-Artistic Director(s)

March 2021: End of Fellowship journey, open call for next fellow.


How do you define “5 years of experience in the theatre industry” ?

Please write to us at to find out more.

What if I don’t have five full years of experience eg sporadic, part-time, amateur/non-professional?

Please still write to use if you are very keen to apply.

I am not an actor, can I still apply?

Yes. We are looking for practitioners who have interest across all disciplines – whether in design, performance, or making.

I have no interest in puppetry, should I apply?

The Finger Players is a theatre company that specializes in puppetry, and most productions would include some form of puppetry. You do not need to have an interest in puppetry, but we encourage you to have an open mind. A curiosity in the art form would be desirous.

What are my fellowship hours like?

Your fellowship journey depends on the number of projects that you will be able to commit yourself to. We encourage the selected fellow to manage her/his time around the fellowship programme’s requirements.

How will I be remunerated?

You will be remunerated on a project basis.

Do I get to enjoy any company benefits?

Unfortunately no, because you are not a full-time salaried staff member. However, we will be covering you for basic insurance for the projects that you are committed to.

What will the interview and audition process be like?

You will be auditioning with a group of interested applicants, in an audition process that is not meant to discern performance virtuosity. Activities related to puppetry philosophy will be done in a group setting. The audition process will be overseen by the Co-Artistic Director(s), the Core Member(s), and will also be video-recorded.

You will also be going through an individual interview process with Co-Artistic Director(s) and the Core Member(s).

Who will I be working most closely with?

Everyone at The Finger Players, because it is made up of a core group of artists and managers.