The day starts with a flush from the toilet and ends with the pronouncement of the clock ticking loudly. He often wakes up to the bus arriving and boards precariously while making tea, only to come short of reaching his destination because the house phone starts ringing. I see him open the drawer many times to spy on listless commuters swarming on and off trains during rush hour. I hear him sit quietly near the living room windows, waiting patiently in line for his turn to order food. He turns on the fan and takes the escalator to his bedroom, where soothing elevator music plays unendingly. Sometimes, he likes to tap on the table as he sleeps with his eyes open, the drumming of nails on wood impishly fracturing the afternoon silence… And I will feel the weight of his forearm, and nothing else. 

This is a city. There is a man. 

And his story told through one hundred and twenty six objects. 

ONETWOSIX is a performance installation in a black box that extends itself into the city, conceived by design collective INDEX, in collaboration with Ong Kian Sin.


Conceived and Directed by: INDEX (Darren Ng, Lim Woan Wen & Lim Wei Ling)

In Collaboration With: Ong Kian Sin