Breathing Objects: A Sharing Session

Every object has a life, and our commitment as a puppetry company is to share this unwavering belief in the inanimate with you. This two-part sharing session is for those who are new to puppetry, and those who’d like to re-discover their love for this art form.

Participants will first be invited to create puppets from everyday objects in their bags, and be aware of the object’s materiality as a source of inspiration. The next part will be a sharing of bubbles and ephemerality, one of the key explorations in The Maker’s Lab 2022/2023, and is prominently featured in The Puppets are Alright.

This workshop is co-led by Myra Loke, Co-Artistic Director of The Finger Players and Marilyn Ang, the maker of The Maker’s Lab 2022 cycle.


This session is for those new to puppetry, and those who would like to reacquaint themselves with puppetry,

This session is supported by the Tote Board Arts Fund.


25 February, 2023
4pm – 6pm


Drama Centre Black Box Foyer
NLB Building Level 5


Refundable deposit of $10

Please feel free to donate the amount back to us!