What is The Maker’s Lab?

The Maker’s Lab, led by Core Team member Daniel Sim, is an initiative by The Finger Players to nurture and grow builders and designers of puppets and objects.

As one of Singapore’s key industry stakeholders in the design and build of puppets, The Finger Players hopes to continue innovating the way it presents puppetry, while plugging the gap in the industry where makers of performative objects face a lack of opportunities to research and develop their artistic curiosities and techniques.

The Maker’s Lab aims to:

  • Develop and promote puppetry and puppet-making in Singapore
  • Pioneer a culture of research and experimentation in the creative process
  • Nurture a strong team of Singaporean makers and designers who would possess unique aesthetic sensibilities

With a focus on:

  1. Creative and Technical Design
  2. Material and Technological Exploration
  3. Prototyping and Fabrication

Interested to apply? Click here.

The Maker’s Journal Series

As part of The Maker’s Lab, the maker publishes monthly journal entries that document their research and experimentation process through The Maker’s Lab. Read all entries in The Maker’s Lab here:

Maker of The Maker’s Lab 2021 Cycle: Loo An Ni

Maker of The Maker’s Lab 2020 Cycle: Sim Xin Feng