The Maker’s Lab: 2021 Cycle

Selected Maker

An Ni is fascinated with the tactility of objects and spaces. She studied product design in NTU School of Art, Design, and Media. While deciding what to do upon graduation she stumbled across theatre, and stayed for ten years. Every day is exciting as possibilities are limitless. She has taken various roles behind the scenes in various departments, such as costumes (design, construction, wardrobe management), set (design), and production (crew, operator)

She is excited to delve deeper into puppetry and props as it allows her to scrutinise every form and function of items used in the show, and study how humans factor into the equation between object and space.

Read our interview with her here!

The Maker’s Journal Series

As part of The Maker’s Lab, the maker publishes monthly journal entries that document their research and experimentation process through The Maker’s Lab. Read An Ni’s entries in The Maker’s Lab here:

Past Cycles of The Maker’s Lab

Maker of The Maker’s Lab 2020 Cycle: Sim Xin Feng