One Fine Day

two remnants of a day
yesterday and tomorrow

day in, day out… unchanging
lingering in between
intimate, yet distant

One Fine Day
wherefore the reminiscing?

Perchance the present
looking within.


The person who finds this…

I am writing to you from a distant past that exists in the near future, from a place where myriad of different worlds collide. Or perhaps, I am still writing these words as you are reading them. In an empty black box, everyday stories coalesce in the course of time, taking forms and shapes in space and possibly, in your mind. I have travelled from the world of 0501, with suitCASES along the way, and I have reached this place on this find day. Here is where I will be waiting… for you.

And together, we shall spend a second of remembering.

A minute of forgetting.

An hour of being.

And a day of becoming.

Yours Sincerely,

ONE FINE DAY is the latest multi-disciplinary performance by The Finger Players and the same collective of award-winning designers and performers who had helmed the visually charged productions –suitCASES and 0501. Come witness the transformation of a black box theatre into a pandora box brimming with intricate installations, intimate performances and inventive theatrical devices. Witness everyday stories turn into visceral theatrical experiences, touching your mind and your senses!


Ong Kian Sin, Lim Wei Ling, Lim Woan Wen, Darren Ng, Tan Beng Tian, Oliver Chong, Audrey Luo, Doreen Toh, Tan Wan Sze, Koh Leng Leng, Lee Hua Jay and Ang Hui Bin