Furthest North, Deepest South

A eunuch discovers a new world but cripples a dynasty.

He helps his emperor ascend the throne but loses his country.

He is his emperor’s favourite eunuch but also his downfall.

Many borders crossed and battles fought later,

The Eunuch wins the world, but loses himself. 


Producer: Tan Beng Tian
Director: Christina Sergeant
Playwright/ Set Designer: Chong Tze Chien
Starring: Fanny Kee, Subramaniam, Gene Sha Rudyn, Koh Leng Leng, Charlotte Chiew, Candice De Rozario, Wong Young Tseng
Voiceover: Alison Lester
Puppet Designers/ Conceptualists: The Finger Players’ Artistic Ensemble
Lighting Designer: Lim Woan Wen 
Sound Designer/ Musician: Darren Ng
Costume/ Makeup Designer/ Movement Consultant: Lim Chin Huat
Set Construction: Condec Interior Pte Ltd
Technician: Patrick Wong
Actor-crew: Ang Hui Bin, Adrian Chong, Fazli Bin Ahmad, Tan Wan Sze
Administrators: Caleb Yap, Cecilia Chow
Publicity Designer: Smoke & Mirrors
Photographer: Tuck Hong (Tucky’s Photography)
Printer: First Printers Pte Ltd


The Straits Times Life Theatre Awards 2005

Production of the Year

Best Ensemble