The Maker’s Lab


As part of The Maker’s Lab, the Maker publishes monthly journal entries that document their research and experimentation process through The Maker’s Lab.

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The Maker’s Lab, led by Daniel Sim, is an initiative by The Finger Players to nurture and grow builders and designers of puppets and objects.

As one of Singapore’s key industry stakeholders in the design and build of puppets, The Finger Players hopes to continue innovating the way it presents puppetry, while plugging the gap in the industry where makers of performative objects face a lack of opportunities to research and develop their artistic curiosities and techniques.

The Maker’s Lab aims to:

  • Develop and promote puppetry and puppet-making in Singapore
  • Pioneer a culture of research and experimentation in the creative process
  • Nurture a strong team of Singaporean makers and designers who would possess unique aesthetic sensibilities

With a focus on:

  1. Creative and Technical Design
  2. Material and Technological Exploration
  3. Prototyping and Fabrication

Maker’s Timeline

June – September 2021Research, Design of build, Prototyping
October 2021Devising sessions along with functional prototype (alongside puppeteers, directors and designers)
November – December 2021Editing of design/build
January – February/March 2021Rehearsals

Final Performance and Workshop led by Maker

Applications for The Maker’s Lab 2021 are now closed.
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How do you define “2 years of experience in related fields” ?

Related fields that involve building and designing physical performative objects. If you are unsure, please write to us at to clarify.

What if I don’t have 2 years of experience eg sporadic, part-time, amateur/non-professional?

If you are very keen to apply, please still write to us stating your experience.

What if my builds are not physically present with me anymore?  

We welcome photos, videos, drawings and/or journals that are able to depict the puppet/object or its build.

If my current profession is not a designer, can I still apply? 

Yes, as long as you are able to conceive of an idea and translate that into a build. 

I have no interest in puppetry, should I apply?

The Finger Players is a theatre company that specialises in puppetry, and most productions would include some form of puppetry. You do not need to have an interest in puppetry, but we encourage you to have an open mind. A curiosity in the art form would be desirous.  

What are the hours for the lab like? 

Your journey as the Maker would greatly depend on how you want to structure your developmental process over the duration of nine months. Our Programme Manager, Daniel Sim, will also be supporting you in coming out with a workable timeline.  

If I have other existing commitments, can I still apply?  

We understand that this lab is not able to offer complete financial sustainability, and so we are open to discuss and negotiate scheduling possibilities to get to a common understanding. Commitment is of utmost importance to us, so do let us know your existing commitments in the application email to us. 

What will the interview process be like?  

The interview will be conducted with the Programme Manager and Co-Artistic Directors. The Core Team of The Finger Players will also be present, whenever possible.  
Aside from finding out more about your proposal, we are also interested to find out more about you.  

Who will I be working most closely with?  

The Programme Manager, Daniel Sim, and the Co-Artistic Directors.