“The Present/Future Season: Peepbird” Advisory for Ticket Holders

by fingerplayers

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing a ticket to “Peepbird”, presented by The Finger Players.

We are very honored to be part of this pilot performance trial, as part of the Ministry of Culture,Community and Youth and the National Arts Council’s plans for the progressive re-opening of the arts and culture sector.

Your well-being is our priority, and we would like to assure you that all appropriate measures have been taken to make this experience safe and enjoyable. Before you come to the theatre, we would like to remind and encourage you to adhere to the following Safety Management Measures: (It’s quite long, so please bear with us.)

  • Admission into the venue will be staggered. Please refer to your e-ticket for your allocated admission time. Do be punctual as latecomers will not be admitted once the performance starts. 
  • We encourage everyone to download and use the TraceTogether app onto your mobile phone or bring a TraceTogether token to the event if you have already collected one. Alternatively, you can also bring along your NRIC to collect a TraceTogether token onsite. A higher adoption rate makes contact tracing efforts more efficient and effective, and enhances safety for all participants/attendees.
  • Please keep your masks on at all times, and remain in your designated seats throughout the performance. 
  • Should you need to step out during the performance, please note that re-admission will not be permitted.
  • After the performance, please remain in your seats and follow our ushers’ instructions, to exit in a safe-distanced manner.

For entry into Esplanade, please refer to: https://www.esplanade.com/visitor-guide/general-advisory. The tunnel from CityLink Mall to Esplanade is temporarily closed. 

We can be reached at admin@fingerplayers.com should you have any concerns or questions.

Thank you, and we can’t wait to see you in the theatre.