Talent Development

Talent DevelopmenT

Company aims to train and nurture artists in various disciplines with its various programmes below

Masterclass (Acting and Puppetry)

Injecting skills and sharing expertise with emerging practitioners via regular Puppetry Master Classes and Acting Master Classes for the public.

Apprenticeship scheme

A 1+ year training programme for 1 to 4 apprentices.

  • To train emerging actors in various roles such as acting, designing and production work in The Finger Players.

  • Company’s Main Season and Reach Out! shows would serve as showcases/platforms for these apprentices.

  • Targeted at fresh graduates, new theatre practitioners or mid-career practitioners (residencies).

Watch-This-Space Scheme

Watch This Space aims to provide a professional development platform for independent and emerging playwright/directors (or mid-career practitioners) staging full-length works.

Watch This Space will select 2 independent playwrights/directors. Programme Director Chong Tze Chien will mentor these emerging playwrights/directors. There will be a total of 2 public showcases, one for each chosen playwright/director. One candidate will be chosen to guest write/direct a play that will be presented in the company’s main season.