No Disaster On This Land 无灾难岛屿 (Delayed Broadcast)

No Disaster on This Land 无灾难岛屿 There is no disaster on this land but it is the end of time. The body is defiled. Debris Girl meets Table Boy. In their hands, an effortful tug, an accident of air, a love story that ends with death. 无灾难岛屿上,末世降临。残存和坍塌之际,躯体如白玉被玷污。瓦砾女遇桌子男。一举手,一投足,空气是无私的,是偶然的,爱情是终将逝去的。 This performance is created in response to theContinue reading “No Disaster On This Land 无灾难岛屿 (Delayed Broadcast)”