《大猪民》Citizen Pig (2013)

《大猪民》Citizen Pig Backstabbing, under the table dealings and double-crossing – it’s just another day in the world of real estate.  Housing agents, new and old immigrants are fighting for properties in land scarce Singapore. Someone has to give in, somehow. Who bends the rules and breaks the law? Two tenants share their rental woes, sheddingContinue reading “《大猪民》Citizen Pig (2013)”

One Fine Day (2013)

One Fine Day two remnants of a dayyesterday and tomorrow day in, day out… unchanginglingering in betweenintimate, yet distant One Fine Daywherefore the reminiscing? Perchance the presenttacit,breathing,looking within. _______________________________________________________ To:The person who finds this… I am writing to you from a distant past that exists in the near future, from a place where myriad ofContinue reading “One Fine Day (2013)”