Wong Kar Wai Dreams – Singapore Arts Festival (2007)

Wong Kar Wai Dreams WONG KAR WAI DREAMS uses a whimsical, lyrical, and visual map to locate the famed Hong Kong maverick director precisely in a place and time—Singapore, December 2046 when he is shooting his last film of his career: a visual pastiche of eccentric visual rhymes and coincidences in a city where ultimatelyContinue reading “Wong Kar Wai Dreams – Singapore Arts Festival (2007)”


0501 A Multidisciplinary Site-specific Theatrical Production A boy used to walk on the grass barefooted After rain, the grass was wet and soft It’d feel like stepping on clouds The grass was lush and warm when the sun was up, It’d tickle his toes and his soul  Now the boy wears shoes Now he could only feel the rubber of hisContinue reading “0501”