The Maker’s Assembly

The Maker’s Assembly is a series of short and casual sessions running in tandem with The Maker’s Lab, a 9-month research and development laboratory. Each of the sessions are led by TFP’s core collaborators. We invite like-minded makers and designers to come together and discuss ideas, jam and create together! 

Our 2021 series engages the theme of Puppetry and Sustainability through two main angles:

Session #1: Prototyping Makes

Evaluating the sustainability of prototyping our makes – How can we create prototypes more precisely and accurately? 

Session #2: Adaptable Builds

Sustaining the lives of puppets – How can we adapt existing builds for different purposes?  



by Tan Beng Tian

(This session is now over)

Date: 15 January 2022, Saturday
Time: 10am – 1.30pm

Venue: The Finger Players Workshop
126 Cairnhill Road, #03-01
Singapore 229707

It is often said that traditional Chinese Hand Puppetry is a dying art form. Will the future of this art form see the puppets in glass cases of museums away from human touch? How can we adapt these existing builds for different purposes to keep the art alive and relevant to the current time? 

In this session, Beng Tian will share her experience in using hand puppets as a tool to interact with seniors at a Home. Together with participants, they will explore adapting a Chinese hand puppet for people with different mobility.

Participants do not need any experience in theatre or craft work to join but instead have an open mind to try something new and explore different approaches. 

There will be a fee of $20 per participant. All proceeds will be used to cover the cost of raw materials, as well as an honorarium for the invited lead artist.


Tan Beng Tian co-founded The Finger Players and is a recipient of JCCI Singapore Foundation Culture Award. She has been actively promoting theatre making and passing on her puppetry knowledge through workshops and talks. 

She is a proud member of SDEA (Singapore Drama Educators Association) and Access Arts Hub, which aims to make arts more accessible for persons with disabilities in Singapore.


Please be assured that we will be taking all necessary precautions in accordance with the official guidelines. The well-being of our participants, speakers and colleagues is of utmost importance to us.


by Chan Silei and Daniel Sim

(This session is now over)

Date: 13 November 2021, Saturday
Time: 1pm – 5pm

Venue: The Finger Players Workshop
126 Cairnhill Road, #03-01
Singapore 229707

Before a puppet is ready for performance, the make will have to go through numerous rounds of trial-and-error. While this prototyping process is inevitable, we would like to explore how we can create prototypes in a more sustainable manner – with less material wastage, and efficient use of time and resources.  

In this session, theatre makers Chan Silei and Daniel Sim share their process and discoveries of prototyping a puppet build. Using both computer aids and hand drawings, they hope to invite fellow makers to come together to experience and evaluate current tools and techniques. More importantly, the session is also an exchange of knowledge and tips that would be useful in creating a sustainable prototyping process.   

Participants can either choose to use AutoCAD software or hand draw. If you choose to use AutoCAD, you are required to bring your own laptop, and have basic proficiency in the software.  


Daniel Sim

Daniel is interested in objects in performance and the potential of their material and theatrical presence. He has designed, coordinated and/or made puppets, props and gadgets for shows such as Oiwa – The Ghost of Yotsuya (2021), The Son (2020), Urinetown The Musical (2019), The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey (2017), and ITSY – The Musical (2017).

Daniel is a member of The Finger Players (TFP) Core Team. He helms The Maker’s Lab, a programme that focuses on research and development of puppet design and making.

Daniel is a co-founder of Prop-erly, where he fabricates puppets, props and other performance objects. 

Chan Silei

Silei is interested in crafting spaces and is always being crafted by space. Silei has designed spaces and sets for Full Out (Esplanade da:ns festival, 2019), 13.13.13 (TheatreWorks, 2018), Framed, by Adolf (The Finger Players, 2018), and I Am LGB (Loo Zihan for Singapore International Festival of Arts, 2016). She also presented Circle-lation as part of the Formations project for the Prague Quadrennial 2019.

Silei is also a co-founder of Prop-erly, where she fabricates puppets, props and other performance objects.

Besides her design work, Silei has worked as a Production Manager for the Singapore International Festival of Arts (2015 to 2017 and 2019 to 2021).