The Maker’s Assembly

The Maker’s Assembly is a series of short and casual sessions running in tandem with TFP’s “The Maker’s Lab”, a 9-month research and development laboratory. Each of the sessions are led by one of TFP’s core team artists, with the final session led by an invited guest.

Our 2020 series engages the theme of “Puppetry and Flexibility” through various angles.

Session #1: Joints

How are a puppet’s movements affected by the flexibility of its joints?

Session #2: Design

How does the flexibility in playing various creative roles affect the process of puppet design, construction and performance?

Session #3: Objects

How do we exercise flexibility when transforming everyday objects into puppets? performance?

Session #4: Ergonomics

How can puppet-making become flexible enough to incorporate the concepts of ergonomics?


Adaptability, balance and weight are three key factors that designers and makers have to consider and perennially juggle when creating or curating puppets and objects. A deeper understanding of these three principles of physical ergonomics can help performers achieve optimal safety, comfort and efficiency in performance. 

In this session of ERGONOMICS, Researcher-educator Liang Peilin introduces the idea of ergonomics – a design practice in human-object interactions. In this workshop-lecture, we will examine ergonomics’ implication in the context of designing and making puppets for performance, by reviewing and redesigning existing puppets. 

There will be a fee of $10 per participant. This will be used to cover the cost of raw materials, as well as an honorarium for the invited lead artist. We would like to thank Samzy Jo for her donation, which will go towards covering part of the participants’ fees.

Date: 6 February 2021, Saturday
Time: 1pm – 5pm


Liang Peilin is a theatre researcher, educator and maker. In her work, she believes in the importance of integrating practice with theory towards artistic innovation and quality craftsmanship. At the level of practice, she is interested in performer training, performance making with objects, and community engagement. At the level of discourse formulation, she focuses on agency inscription and how it relates to decolonization, intercultural exchange, and transnational collaboration. In her most recent work, she has focused on human biomechanics, ergonomics, and the movement science in her search to integrate art with health and wellness care.
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Please write to with the header “The Maker’s Assembly #4: Ergonomics – Application _Your Name” with a short description of:

(1) your experience and interest in this field; and (2) your reason for joining the class.

As there are limited slots available, we regret to inform potential applicants that places would be given to participants with the most relevant experience. Thank you!


Please be assured that we will be taking all necessary precautions in accordance with the official guidelines for Phase 3 of Singapore’s re-opening. The well-being of our participants, session givers and colleagues is of utmost importance to us.